Are you in need of a little extra help? Do not fear. Here is a list of people who might be able to help.

New Media Development

If you have questions or comments about new media technologies with regard to our sites, Enhanced CDs or other new media issues pertaining to us, please contact:

Dave Jones
Director of New Media Development

Students - please note: We are not in a position to comment in any great detail about the use of computers & technology at our business nor to discuss philosophy & strategic direction regarding the impact of various technologies (i.e. MP3, online retail etc.etc.) on the music industry.

Rising stars of the future, musicians etc - please note: I am NOT the A&R department. Do not contact me regarding signing you or your band, sending demos, forwarding it to the right person etc etc. Direct all correspondence regarding your musical aspirations, prowess et al to the A&R department at the address listed below.

Finally, I do not have any direct contact with artists or management and therefore am of no use for the purpose of getting tickets, arranging appearances for charity events, championing lost causes, signing autographs, forwarding love letters, or any other form of communication with Artists or their management. Please direct all such correspondence to Artist Liaison at the general address listed below.

In view of the above comments please do not feel offended if I do not respond to emails which are concerned with such issues.


If you would like information about our student services please contact the College Department at the address below:

( Please Note!! the College department does NOT organise work experience or internships here. For info on Internships & Work Experience see Employment further down the page. Intern & Work Experience requests sent to the College Department will be ingnored!)


For all enquiries regarding employment and work experience (please note we cannot offer internships) here (UK ONLY!) - please contact the Personnel Department at the following:



If you have any other queries then do not hesitate to contact us direct:

to THE RAFT - to EDEN - to C3